Love Song (You’re the One! #1) by Francess Lin Lantz

Love Song (You’re the One! #1) by Francess Lin Lantz

Lantz, Francess Lin. Love Song (You’re the One! #1). Aladdin, 2000. ISBN  978-0689834202 128 pp. $


In book one of the stand-alone You’re the One series, the female protagonist meets the celebrity she is infatuated with. Stereotypes run rampant–there’s a brooding loner musician, a charismatic paparazzi loving player, and a controlling money-obsessed manager. The three boy band is VERY Hanson-esque. The first person narrative is authentic-sounding, in spite of the lengths the female characters go to in order to meet their heartthrobs.

The unattractive covers feature boys who look much older than their characters. A lighthearted quiz for girls to see if the celeb is THEIR type of guy (and if they are the right one for him) follows each novel. The premises are unlikely, and the stories predictable, but fans of fairy tales and pop culture may enjoy this fantasy romances in between reading unauthorized biographies of their favorite celebrities.

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