Paul Revere (In Their Own Words) by George Sullivan

Paul Revere (In Their Own Words) by George Sullivan

Sullivan, George. Paul Revere (In Their Own Words). Scholastic, 2000. ISBN 978-0439095525. 128 pp. $5.99


Sullivan uses primary sources to make Paul Revere’s life and times come to life in this fine addition to the new In Their Own Words series. Partly biography, partly a detailed history of the American Revolution, the book explains the famous patriot’s role in a young colony’s fight for freedom. Revere is well-known for his career as a silversmith and his midnight ride from Boston to Lexington to warn colonists of the impending arrival of British soldiers; Sullivan also brings to light Revere’s part in the Boston Tea Party, designed and printed money, and was a shrewd businessman who owned and operated a gunpowder factory and a copper mill.

Primary sources include letters, poems and documents. Longfellow’s famous poem that immortalized Paul Revere is included. The illustrations include a map of Revere’s route on April 18, 1775, photographs of Revere’s silver, a reproduction of his famous portrait commissioned by John Singleton Cooper, and many illustrations and portraits, including Revere’s own drawings.

The book includes a chronology, an index, a bibliography, further reading, and additional resources such as the Paul Revere House in Boston, MA. Photo credits are listed. Sullivan has a distinct talent for making scholarly research accessible to young students in an engaging and interesting way, and sets an excellent example for crediting sources. Highly recommended.

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