The Egyptians (Crafts from the Past) by Gillian Chapman

The Egyptians (Crafts from the Past) by Gillian Chapman

Chapman, Gillian. The Egyptians (Crafts from the Past). Beech Tree Books, 2000. ISBN 978-0688177461 37 pp. $


This is a lovely craft book from an Egyptian art perspective that includes historical and cultural information with extreme attention to period detail. Even the borders and endpapers reinforce the design concepts and color and style. An end glossary defines words in bold type. Each craft is given a two-page spread with information to put the craft in context, well-illustrated straightforward directions, and a close-up photo of the finished product. Most pieces have a function and purpose, in addition to looking pretty, and would make lovely gifts.

This is definitely an advanced book. A few activities require a great deal of skill, such as the use of square grids in making murals. Others are messy, including papier mache, plaster, and ink. Most require using a sharp exacto knife to cut paper, cardboard or clay. The construction paper and glue creations are a blessing, and macaroni jewelry transcends preschool and becomes gorgeous with the right color of paint and some gold beads. Many crafts are made with recycled materials. Some materials (such as dried reeds or papyrus) may be hard to find, but substitutions are encouraged, as is the creativity of the individual.

A few patterns would have been helpful to the novice. General instructions and safety tips get a bit lost on the copyright page, but a page devoted to the specifics or Egyptian crafts is very helpful. Homeschoolers and teachers will appreciate this excellent resource; purchase where there is a need.

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