The Moon and You by E.C. Krupp illus. by Robin Rector Krupp

The Moon and You by E.C. Krupp illus. by Robin Rector Krupp

Krupp, E.C. illus. by Robin Rector Krupp. The Moon and You. Harper Collins, 2000. ISBN 978-0688178185 48 pp. $


Fantastically detailed pencil drawings find humor in describing the theory behind the formation of the moon and in illustrating the moon’s gravity, yet the same pencil reflects the majesty and awe of man’s first steps on the moon, and each culture’s visions of what the moon holds. Myths and legend are placed side by side with facts in a unique blend of information about Earth’s only satellite.

The narrative never talks down to the reader but maintains an enthusiastic and kid-friendly approach. Concepts are put into examples that children can visualize and understand, and several activities for further understanding are provided. The text on the first and last pages is a bit difficult to read on the gray background, and some reluctant readers or learning disabled children may find the text a little heavy–nothing is organized into charts, tables or lists–but the excellent technical writing would make for a vivid read-aloud. Much of the information is visual and well delivered through the drawings that compliment and extend every page.

The book’s biggest flaw is the dull brown cover, which looks a little dated; black white or gray might have been a better and more classic choice. Children interested in the topic or needing a resource for a report may look past it. No glossary is provided, but words are defined in context. An index may have been helpful, but this is a book that encourages children to glean facts. A list of sources and further reading is always a welcome addition to a book, and is sadly missing from this one.

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