Love That Dog by Sharon Creech


Creech, Sharon. Love That Dog. HarperCollins, 2001. ISBN  978-0064409599 128 pp. $9.99


With apologies to Creech and Myers: Love that book / Like a dragon loves to hoard / I said I love that book / Like a dragon loves to hoard / Love to read it in the morning / Love to see it / Win a Newbery award.

Elementary school student Jack, convinced that only girls write poetry, completes his poetry assignments in a journal that is part monologue to his teacher and part homework and all poetry (whether he realizes it or not). Jack’s enthusiasm for the genre slowly grows until Walter Dean Myer’s poem “Love That Boy” inspires an invitation for an author visit.

This novel in verse is much a glimpse in the writing process as it is an example of the power of words connect us, and a story of a boy and the golden dog he loves. As an added bonus, the first stanzas of the classic poems Ms. Stretchberry assigns are appended. This is excellent work by award-winning novelist Creech, who has a talent for writing about journeys and growths of all kinds, and a lovely tribute to award-winning author Walter Dean Myers. Highly recommended for purchase.

Review by Beth Gallaway

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