Spitting Image by Shutta Crum

Spitting Image by Shutta Crum

Crum, Shutta. Spitting Image. Clarion, 2003. ISBN 978-0618234776 218 pp. $


Spitting Image by Shutta Crum is my most recent read. I loved it and this is why:

a. Great main character, Jessica “Jessie” Kay Bovey, a tomboy with a sense of justice who has no qualms about bearing her fists to defend her best friend Robert Ketchum. They don’t make’em more loyal and honest than Jessie.

b. It’s southern fiction. Love the locale, the language and the locals.

c. Bad guys who drink and smoke and wave their guns around

d. Ol’ One Eye, the evil rattlesnake

e. Quiet kind old Lester

f. Jessie’s Mom calls Jessie “the light of her life.” What a beautiful thing for a mom to call her daughter.

g. The grandmother who drives a white Thunderbird and changes her hair color as often as she changes husbands.

h. The jacket is awesome!

Read it and you’ll love it!

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