Frozen Rodeo by Catherine Clark

Frozen Rodeo by Catherine Clark

Clark, Catherine. Frozen Rodeo. Harper Teen, 2004. ISBN 978-0064473859 304 pp. $6.99


Fleming is stuck in the summer from hell. No driver’s license, due to two car accidents. A Doberman who wants to take a chunk out of her. A crap job pouring java at the Gas N Git. An Olympic hopeful father who wants her to trade her roller blades for ice skates like her namesake Peggy Fleming. A summer school French course whose instructor is MIA. Constant last minute babysitting for snot-nosed siblings. A pancake house waiter who seems to have forgotten she exists. Lamaze with her mother. Can Fleming’s life, like, get any worse?

Whip a little more drama to this concoction: her dad is working on a secret program for the annual Rodeo Days that includes livestock on ice, and a bunch of gas stations in the area are getting held up.

In spite of all this, ambitious, overextended Fleming manages to confront a jerk, come clean with her parents, create a dent in the debt she owes for car repairs, make new friends, learn a little French, and sink a golf cart. With humor and wit, Catherine Clark shows how one teen rises above her own angst and self-centeredness to make her cow town a place worth living in, not just to escape from.

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