Recent Reads


Girls’ Poker Night by Jill A. Davis. Get it, read it, pass it along. Your girlfriends will thank you. (Allison will agree).

Coetzee’s Disgrace …. it’s not that often one finds an entire day to one’s self to read an entire book but flying across the country is the perfect opportunity for that. I pretty much read this book straight through which gave it a movie-watching quality. I don’t need to tell anyone here that it is amazing (and insanely different from Girls’ Poker Night) but why, I keep wondering is Veterinarians-South Africa – Fiction one of the subject headings? If I wanted to read about South African Veterinarians I would not have been pleased with this book! It’s really the story of two different kinds of disgrace, when a father is shamed for a relationship he has had with a student and when his daughter is shamed by a horrible crime taking place on her farm. Father and daughter try desperately to understand each other but in the end it seems they still need to try and understand themselves. Powerful stuff.

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