Recent Reads


I read three books this weekend. I finished Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding. This is her latest and I like it much better than Bridget Jones–she was too whiny! This Olivia is much more self-sufficient and capable. She is a journalist that ends up spying for the CIA and tracking down an al-Qaeda ring. She gets cool James Bond toys for girls including a bra with some lethal underwires. I think I like her better than Bridget because she doesn’t define herself by her marital status.

I also read Spanish Holiday by Kate Cann, which I also really liked. It is about three English girls (Laura, Yaz, and Ruth) who want to spend part of their gap year living and working in Spain. Before they leave, Ruth lands herself an insufferable boyfriend who insists on coming along and almost ruins the trip for all of them. And Laura and Yaz compete over extremely Spanish, and extremely hot Juan. I wish I had gotten to do something like this if I’d had a gap year. But I think I was a bit too immature at 18!

The third book I read was Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. This one was good, but it was much more dark than the only other I have read by her: Keeping the Moon. It is about Caitlin, whose seemingly perfect older sister runs away with her boyfriend just weeks before starting Yale to escape their uber-control-freak mother. Caitlin tries to fill the hole left by her sister, and ends up in a very bad relationship with a guy who beats her regularly. There was hope and healing at the end. I like Dessen because her stories don’t have neat and tidy endings, but there is always a bit of hope that things will turn out all right.

Up next for me this week: The Garden by Aidinoff.

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