Recent Reads


My last two weeks of reading have included:

PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
This was a fun chick lit novel. Through the whole book I thought I had the ending all figured out and then Wham–it was not what I expected. Pretty impressive for this kind of book.

The glass cafe, or, The stripper and the state : how my mother started a war with the system that made us kind of rich and a little bit famous by Gary Paulsen
Thanks for recommending this, April, I loved it! The first person narration is addictive, as is Tony’s unusual outlook on the world.

Shopgirl by Steve Martin
Mirabelle is in her late twenties, is a talented artist and works in the outdated glove department at Nieman’s in Beverly Hills. Ray Porter is her older lover/sugar daddy. And Jeremy, he starts out as a hook-up and then disappears, but then reappears as much more. Steve Martin has a talent for character description and development. He is a keen observer of those things that exist on the exterior of each person and then uses x-ray vision to look closer at the things that live and grow in the interior of his characters’ hearts and minds.

great great great story!

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