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Just a few notes…

I just listened to Outlaw Princess of Sherwood by Nancy Springer. It wasn’t my favorite book ever, but I like the whole person in a cage theme (because I loved Jane Yolen’s book, Girl in a Cage). I found that I could let my mind wander and then when it came back to listening I didn’t have to rewind.

Just stayed up really late to finish Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler. Mara Valentine’s niece comes to stay with her and her parents. Her niece, who goes by the name “V” is in high school just like Mara, but the things they have in common end right there. While Mara is the honor roll student, student council member, 6th grade tutor, possible Valedictorian, college class taking, perfect child, V couldn’t be more opposite. V has been traveling the earth with her mom, Mara’s sister Aimee, following every love interest and male hobby on creation. This time, Aimee can’t take V with her to Costa Rica, so V shows up on Mara’s doorstep, cigarettes and bad attitude in hand. Mara and V seem to repel each other at first, but as they say, opposites attract and a friendship eventually develops between the two. During this time, Mara falls in love and starts to see that being an overachiever isn’t all she had made it out to be. I still prefer The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things, but obviously, since I stayed up way past my bedtime to read it, this one wasn’t too bad.

I can admit right up front that I didn’t read the entire thing, but I think that How To Train Your Dragon by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III by Cressida Cowell will be a hit with all those Time Warp Trio, Series of Unfortunate Events, Dragon Slayer’s Academy, Captain Underpants readers. I know I’m grouping a lot of diverse readers there, but this book has something for each of them. It’s a hero adventure story with great pictures and geez, who could overlook a “Dragon Whisperer” who speaks genuine Dragonese (short gloassary included). The foul and ridiculous names (Gobber the Belch, Fishlegs, Baggybum) got on my nerves a bit, but I’m sure the kids will love them.

Read the book and then you will understand this phrase: Nee-ah crappa inna di hoosus, pishyou.

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