Bindi Babes by Narinder Dharmi


Amber, Jazz and Geena have it all. The newest styles, mobile phones, all the coolest music. Their Dad gives them whatever they want, whenever they want it. They are the epitome of cool in Bindi Babes by Narinder Dharmi. The girls are good at everything; they get good grades, they have good friends and things are just about perfect. But hidden under that perfect image is a lot of sadness. The girls’ mother passed away about a year ago and ever since then their dad barely talks with them, they NEVER talk about their Mother and they avoid their grief as much as they can. That all changes when their auntie comes from India to help take care of them. She holds Amber, Jazz and Geena accountable for their behavior, refuses to order take-out food, insists on a curfew and becomes the mother that they are missing. Do the girls resent their Auntie’s behavior? Yes! Read Bindi Babes to see what lengths the girls will go to to get their Aunt back to India!

~posted by Alli

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