Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Meyer, Stephanie. Twilight. Little, Brown, 2005. ISBN 978-0316160179. 544 pp. $16.99


Anne Rice meets Joss Whedon in this rich sensory tale of a Arizona sun worshipper displaced to dreary Washington state. Teen Isabella is drawn to a mysterious clique of aloof and shiny people who exude power, agility, wealth and beauty. One in particular returns her interest–the seductive Edward who is first angered by her presence, then resigned to it as he reveals his vulnerabilities–and strengths–to the innocently alluring Isabella. Balanced against typical high school drama of school dances, hiking and ball games is a dark and sexy yet chaste story in the gothic tradition of monsters and the women who are compelled to fall for them.

Romantic, angsty and surprisingly real, this tale of a girl and boy, each drawn to the very terrible person who could be their downfall, has “star-crossed” scribbled all over it. Crossing genres of horror and fantasy, Meyers delivers a modern twist that deserves a place of its own in vampire lore.

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