Flower Power by Ann Walsh

Flower Power by Ann Walsh

Walsh, Ann. Flower Power. Orca Currents, 2005. ISBN 978-1551433868 106 pp. $8.95


When the next door neighbor threatens to cut down the tree bordering the property of the two homes to make room for a garage for his mid-life crisis motorcycle, Callie’s mom protests by chaining herself to the treehouse, a relic from her own childhood. Chaos and humor ensues with chanting bikers, singing grannies, a helpful local reporter angling for an exclusive, and Callie’s schoolmates looking to get famous on television.

Callie is charming, caught at the tender age where she both loves her mom and is completely embarrassed by her. This resourceful young lady comes up with a clever solution to save the day and the tree.

It’s difficult to pack plot, character and setting into just 106 pages, but Walsh does so quite competently. The brief length is perfect for reluctant readers. A solid choice for middle school fiction.

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