Chuck’s Truck by Peggy Perry Anderson


Anderson, Peggy Perry. Chuck’s Truck. Clarion, 2017 (reissue). ISBN 978-0544926189 32 pp. $12.99

This rhyming book is a great transition for beginning readers. When Chuck’s truck breaks down after being piled with barnyard animals, Handyman Hugh and his whole delightfully diverse crew come to the rescue, and everyone pitches in to lend a hand in transitioning the pickup from old blue and rusty red to shining new blue.

The illustrations have a waxy, crayon feel to them. Colors are whimsical and child-like: a purple goat, a yellow horse, a red dog, a green cat, a blue goose. Dialogic reading of the book could encourage naming of colors and animals in conjunction with the story, or asking for other words that rhyme. 

Recommended for large collections, or one-on-one reading.

Review by Beth Gallaway

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