Undiscovered Gyrl by Alison Burnett

Undiscovered Gyrl by Alison Burnett

Alison Burnett. Undiscovered Gyrl. Vintage, 2009. ISBN ‎ 978-0307473127 293 pp. $14


Billed as a “Lolita for the computer age,” Undiscovered Gyrl reminded me of a modern twist on a Go Ask Alice sort of book: an anonymous blogger tells all about her exploits (sexual and otherwise) during her gap year, with more sensational observation than introspection. Although we never see reader comments, we see her in-post responses. Predictably, her erratic, irresponsible behavior is tied to CENSORED (don’t want to spoil it!)

The writing is not stellar, but there is some dark and irreverent humor that teens might enjoy. “Katie’s” frank edgy voice has initial appeal, but gets old and gimmicky fast, and the conclusion throws the reliability of the narrator into question, making for an unsatisfying read.

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