Roses by Leila Meacham 

Roses by Leila Meacham 

Meacham, Leila. Roses. Grand Central Publishing, 2010. ISBN  978-0446550000 609 pp. $


This is a family saga set in the deep South about families descending from English aristocracy who make their fortunes in cotton, lumber, and… something else. The story begins with octogenarian Mary changing her will in an attempt to break the family curse.

While dramatic, the concerns of seniors (coming to terms with a “3 weeks to live” prognosis after a renal cancer diagnosis, moments of senility, dressed to the nines in pearls, wishing her grandchildren would marry, etc.) may limit the audience. It’s an incredible thick tome that I might want to devour as a beach read when it comes out in paperback, but it lacks stellar writing or unique storyline that might set it apart from other wealthy tycoon type romances spanning generations. High appeal for fans of Nora Roberts or Heather Graham; I put it down after 50 pages.

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