Ninety Candles: A Graphic Novella by Neil Kleid

Ninety Candles: A Graphic Novella by Neil Kleid

Kleid, Neil. Nintey Candles: a graphic novella. Rant Comics, 2004. $5.99


Conveyed entirely through images and dialogue, Ninety Candles is an experiment, begun when author Neil Kleid challenged himself to create a panel a day, unscripted, for three months. This sequential tale follows the life of a child who loves to draw, discovers comics, and takes the leap from aficionado to artist. Unconventional circular panels act as peepholes into pivotal moments of protagonist Kevin Hall’s life, illustrated with soft edges.

Ninety Candles is a perfect introduction to the graphic novel genre because it is easy to follow and explains a lot about the business of making comics. This is a fantastic and inexpensive add that will add depth to manga and superhero collections and appeal to a broad readership.

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