The Wereling (Resurrection #3) by Stephen Cole

The Wereling (Resurrection #3) by Stephen Cole

Cole, Stephen. The Wereling (Resurrection # 3). Razorbill, 2005. ISBN 978-1595140432 272 pp. $5.99


If all of your enemies were gathering in one location, you should probably head in the opposite direction right?  Not Tom and Katie.  When they learn that Takapa is planning something in Chicago, they know that they must head there to stop him.  Once there, they find out Takapa is planning to resurrect a terrible creature from the past to help him with his revolution.  Joined by old friends and new allies, Tom and Katie set out to destroy Takapa once and for all.

This trilogy is awesome!  This finale book was just as great as the previous installments, Wounded and Prey.  The fast-paced action, strong characters, horror and suspense will keep readers involved and interested to the end–even though the general outcome is obvious (of course they are going to defeat the bad guys!).  Great for reader’s with an interest in supernatural characters or those who enjoy horror stories.

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