The Pick-Up: A Music Festival Meet-Cute by Miranda Kenneally

The Pick-Up: A Music Festival Meet-Cute by Miranda Kenneally

Kenneally, Miranda. The Pick-Up: A Music Festival Meet-Cute. Sourcebooks, 2021. ISBN 978-1492684169 304 pp. $10.99


When Mari and TJ, both visiting Chicago for the weekend to attend the Lollapalooza music festival, meet by chance on an Uber-like share, they are not looking for love. Shy graffiti-artist TJ never scores with girls, and Mari, still struggling to cope with her parent’s divorce, doesn’t want to be in any relationship and face the risk of hurting someone else. Their attraction is quick–hearts on fire–and they agree to hang out, get separated, reconnect, and are unsure whether this is a weekend fling or Something More. Meanwhile, Mari needs to come clean about her increasingly abusive mother and her anger over her dad’s affair, while TJ needs to stop comparing himself to his super cool brother and come into his own. The two teens find a safe space to confide in and support one another.

Supporting characters, like bro Tyler and Mari’s friend Austin and stepsister Sierra are fully realized. Mom, Dad, and Leah, more peripheral, have less body. Kenneally lands lightly on topics like abuse and affairs, but highlights consent and mutual pleasure in relationships very strongly. The ending is neatly wrapped up in this quick and satisfying YA read.

I got a free pre-pub copy of #ThePick-Up from #NetGalley.

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