Do-Over by Bethany Turner

Do-Over by Bethany Turner

Turner, Bethany. Do-Over. Thomas Nelson, 2022. ISBN 978-0785244974 320 pp. $16.99


It’s nice to read about a career-focused woman in her almost forties–a refreshing change from all the twenty-somethings in NYC who have met their match. Corporate lawyer McKenna is GOOD at her job, and is working hard toward partner. When she gets called to the boardroom instead of getting promoted, she is put on (unpaid) leave for suspected embezzlement.

Sure it’s a mistake, she returns home, where her much younger sister is planning a wedding, and her genealogy obsessed father is excited to share some new finds with her. She reconnects with her high school rival Henry Blumenthal, now a documentarian, and when the family curse of unmarried women dying before the age of forty catches his attention, they are back in one another’s orbit.

McKenna is carrying a lot: biological clock, a not-so-great relationship with her family members, and the secret of her leave. I really enjoyed her character growth, and Henry’s awkwardness. I didn’t find some of his moves believable in an era of #MeToo – hiring McKenna, whisking her away for a trip and making a move came across a little sleazy, and was the flaw of the book for me.

I received an advance reader’s review copy of #TheDoOver from #NetGalley.

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