Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins

Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins

Collins, Anna E. Love at First Spite. Graydon House, 2022. ISBN 978-1525899799 320 pp. $15.99

Something about hate to love books hurt my heart. In this fast paced story, dumped at the alter Dani decides to enact revenge on her ex by purchasing the lot next door to the home the were going to purchase before he cheated on her with their realtor. The property next door was one the ex had short-sightedly vetoed – and Dani jumps at the chance to buy it so she can build an ugly Air B&N facing his property, complete with a variety of garden gnomes, to piss him off.

She enlists the help of Wyatt, a hot architect at her firm known for being painfully direct and very proper. Paired on a project, she asks for his help with blueprints for her Spite House, and he agrees, pulling in favors and being generally kinder and more real than she’d expected. The chemistry and interest are palpable on the page and healing for Dani, but not enough to derail her petty revenge. The conflict, of course, is that Dani fails to disclose her motive until of course, Wyatt finds out and it may be late to salvage their burgeoning relationship.

The story is quick paced, the writing is good, and supporting characters, like Dani’s elderly roommate, are real. I also appreciated that Wyatt had a health issue, similar to Talia Hibbert’s male love interests. The opening of the book, with Dani playing paintball with her best friend in her wedding dress, was strong; her drinking and bitterness made this a less compelling read for me.

A review copy of #loveatfirstspite was provided by #netgalley.

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