Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson

Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson

Ferguson, Melissa. Meet Me in the Margins. Thomas Nelson, 2022. ISBN 978-0785231073 320 pp. $16.99


Savannah works for a publishing house that publishes serious work, and would probably get fired if anyone knew she was secretly writing a romance novel and shopping it to another house… but she accidentally drops her WiP during a staff meeting, then hides it away in a secret annex (doesn’t your office have a cozy secret annex?) and someone offers feedback instead of turning her in… meanwhile, she is recruiting authors, dealing with asshole clients, trying to retain her job as others are let go, and not getting along so well with the owner’s newly-in-charge son.

Part Cyrano, part The Bookshop Around the Corner, I normally dislike enemies-to-lovers and secret-admirer type romances, but the writing about writing is always a strong hook. The mystery of the mystery editor is not so surprising, but that’s dramatic irony for you. Overall, this is a clever book.

I received a reader’s advance review copy of #MeetMeInTheMargins from #NetGalley.

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