Out of His League by Caroline Richardson

Out of His League by Caroline Richardson

Richardson, Caroline. Out of His League. W by Wattpad, 2022. ISBN 978-1990259067 $16.99


Brave wine sommelier and baseball fan Gretchen makes a bold move when she spots her favorite player en route to Vegas, and buys him a cup of coffee, fully knowing he’s just been “sent down” post-slump. They connect and then, their one-night stand turns into a real but challenging relationship, with job insecurities on top of the long-distance romance.

Set in Canada and the US, with plenty of sportsball and inside baseball to captivate readers who swoon over passionate pro-athletes, and culinary and wine details that are enticing to foodies. A solid read – Good Read reviewers note Out of His League was published on Wattpad, and kudos to Richardson for a solid novel with a broad appeal.

I read a digital advance reader’s review copy of #OutOfHisLeague from #NetGalley

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