In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

Spencer, Kate. In a New York Minute. Forever, 2022. ISBN ‎978-1538737620 320 pp. $26


Franny Hayes is having the worst day of her life when the kindness of a (hot) stranger is captured and uploaded to social media, resulting in a first fabricated and then eventually real relationship. Opposites attract and then keep bumping into each other, with Hayes eventually hiring Franny to do some design work for him

Early reviews have compared this to Nora Ephron’s stories and it checks a lot of boxes: meet cute, resistance then friendship, snappy writing, NYC setting. In a New York Minute is a solid, pitch-perfect, perfectly paced tale and very satisfying romantic comedy with a great happily ever after.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #InANewYorkMinute from #NetGalley.

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