Long Story Short by Serena Kaylor

Long Story Short by Serena Kaylor

Kaylor, Serena. Long Story Short. Wednesday Books, 2022. ISBN 978-1250818416 336 pp. $18.99


Homeschooler, math genius introvert Beatrice shocks her parents by applying to Oxford–and getting in, at sixteen. Since she has barely interacted with her peers, or left the house much, really, they strike a deal: She must go away to camp for a month and accomplish a list of teenager goals created by her therapist parents: make a friend, accept an invitation you don’t want, do an outdoor activity, hug three people, even pull a prank. Designed for character growth for a child on the spectrum, these are tame but challenging for Bea.

The camp, of course, is a geeky Shakespeare camp for budding thespians, and the shy girl must not only interact, but ACT, thanks to her photographic memory.

This fun, fast-paced, and witty YA read is ultimately tame, with an interesting cast of characters.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #LongStoryShort from #NetGalley

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