A Little Wilder by Serena Bell

A Little Wilder by Serena Bell

Bell, Serena. A Little Wilder (Wilder Adventures #4). Serena Bell Books, 2022. 292 ISBN 978-1953498212. $15.99


This is an excellent, stand-alone fourth volume in a self-published series about a family business focused on leading outdoor adventures. Steady boy-next-door Kane is the one who does what’s expected, and having a no-strings attached one night stand in Las Vegas at his brother’s bachelor party is out of character. When his flame gets hired by the business to renovate some campers, Kane is surprised to see Mari again–and equally surprised to discover she’s pregnant. They agree to keep it between them for the time being, but also to see if there is co-parenting potential.

The character development is the star of this story. Marigold doesn’t have roots (and might not want them) while Kane has a lot of roots and might be ready to branch out on his own. The way they slowly grow comfortable with one another and develop their romantic relationship was a treat. The airstream renovation business that Mari has is a great aside.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #ALittleWilder from #NetGalley.

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