Never Rescue a Rogue by Virginia Heath

Never Rescue a Rogue by Virginia Heath

Heath. Virginia. Never Rescue a Rogue. Merriwell Sisters #2. Griffin, 2023. ISBN 978-1250787781 $16.99


Opposites attract in this British regency romance with notes of intrigue and mystery that has revealing hidden identities and relationships at the heart of it. Rakish Giles Sinclair is by all appearances doing his best to disappoint his father the Duke with his lavish, immoral lifestyle–while secretly making sound business deals and investments and doing right by his servants and tenants. Diana Merriwell is a confirmed spinster more interested in chasing a tidbit for her popular gossip column–while secretly undercover as a expose journalist. Their witty banter of putdowns is totally flirtation veiled as disdain, and when the Duke unexpectedly dies just as he’s about to announce his impending engagement, Giles fears his lineage will be exposed for a lie. Diana gets involved in helping him to prove his identity and of course, they fall for one another–but must resist!

The writing is juicy: rich with details of period etiquette, clothing and food, and the reparte is fast and satisfying. The book stands alone but seems to move the story of the first in the series forward. There are many funny and poignant moments, strong character development (including of secondary characters), and a darn good action story to boot.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #NeverRescueARogue from #NetGalley.

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