Miss Matched by Wendy Million

Miss Matched by Wendy Million

Million, Wendy. Miss Matched. Wattpad, 2023. 368 pp. ISBN 9781990259593. $17.99

** 1/2

Wattpad is not quite self-published, but close to, and has the quality I expect from the platform. This dating app gone wrong tale is a second chance romance. Tayla has been matched by Soulmates Reunited (at an exorbitant fee) with her ex, and wants her money back. She agrees to give Simon another chance if he will refund half her fee. He wants to bring the company down on it’s knees for false advertising, and taking women’s life savings on a promise of something that may not exist–he’s been matched by the service four times as the only soulmate for one lucky woman, and one match is not taking no for an answer and there is a restraining order involved.

Told in alternating points of view, there is drama, humor and tension, and the book is well-paced, but nothing particularly stood out in terms of character growth, setting, language or writing.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #MissMatched from #NetGalley.

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