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Deenie: The Movie


YAY! YAY! Finally a movie based on a Judy Blume book! (I know, there have been series and made-for-TV movies, but not a feature film.) Deenie, about a girl with scoliosis, will be brought to the big screen. My fave Judy Blume book is Then Again, Maybe I Won’t (fond memories of dog-eared, marked-up copies of Forever circulating around my middle-school playground notwithstanding). What’s yours?

Contest: Be a Librarian for a Day!


Non-Book related post:

I don’t usually read Woman’s Day … but I was at my mom’s and sometimes that’s the most entertaining thing happening…and I found something kind of funny and interesting….apparently lay people are noticing the absolute hipness of librarians…and Woman’s Day is actually having a contest Be a Librarian for a Day!

Out of curiosity, I looked in the official rules to see if librarians could enter or not and I didn’t see anything there … silly, really to think any of us would do it for free! Then it wouldn’t be winning, it would be volunteering.*

To top it all off BUST magazine’s current issue has a feature article on librarians. I haven’t read it yet (I just got it today!) so I can’t comment but the idea makes me tingle all over. From the cover-> “Baby Got Book: librarians-could they be the new ‘it’ girls?”

*I am not against volunteer work.