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Life’s Too Short (The Friend Zone #3) by Abby Jimenez

Life’s Too Short (The Friend Zone #3) by Abby Jimenez

Jimenez, Abby. Life’s Too Short (The Friend Zone #3). Forever, 2021. ISBN  978-1538715666 384 pp. $15.99


At first glance, a YouTuber and influencer’s globe-trotting dreams don’t fit in with the sudden custody of her sister’s child, but when the hot and kind lawyer next door steps in to help, on more than one occasion, and an unlikely friendship and shared custody is launched.

The theme of the fleeting nature of time is represented in Vanessa’s living her life to the fullest, as her mother and sister died young from ALS, and Vanessa has a 50/50 chance of contracting the debilitating and deadly disease. Adrian, meanwhile, is a workaholic who doesn’t take time to stop and smell the roses.

The writing is touching, the story progresses at a perfect pace, and this is an excellent modern romance.

I received an advance reader’s review copy of #Life’sTooShort from #NetGalley.