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Witch Ball (The Seer #3) by Linda Joy Singleton

Witch Ball (The Seer #3) by Linda Joy Singleton

Singleton, Linda Joy. Witch Ball (The Seer #3). Flux, 2006. ISBN 978-0738708218 216 pp. $


In this third novel of the Seer series, 16-year-old Sabine Rose, still intent on keeping her psychic abilities a secret, is fitting in with the popular clique at her new school, right down to the requisite cute and sensitive boyfriend. When she discovers a haunted glass ball mysteriously hanging in her grandmother’s kitchen window, she puts in it in a box for safekeeping. The ball keeps escaping from its hiding spot, and when it shows up at a school carnival and makes a boy playing fortune teller issue some disturbingly accurate predictions, Sabine turns to the handy man Dominic and her spirit guide Opal for assistance.

Part mystery, part fantasy, and part romance, Witch Ball also incorporates subplots of implementing the school carnival, struggling with Nona’s increasing dementia, and being torn between two boys (the puppy dog-like sweet crush and the brooding older man), rounding out the story and setting the supernatural elements in a complete and believable setting. Sabine is a sympathetic and likeable character–everygirl with one little twist…

Newbies to the series will get wrapped up in the drama, while fans will enjoy continued character development and culminating storylines. The author provides just enough information to bring readers unfamiliar with the storyline up to speed. The writing is average, and the ending predictable, Singleton shines in creating eerie and suspensful scenes. The voice of Sabine is dead on, but… for a 14 year old. This allows the author/publisher to keep the story “clean” enough for middle school audiences.

The Seer books are a perfect readalike for fans of Meg Cabot’s Mediator series; Witch Ball is sure to be a popular choice in public and school libraries serving teens.