Review Policy

The Hip Librarians Book Blog accepts published books and audiobooks, galleys and advance review copies of titles for youth ages 0-18 for review. Hip Librarian’s Book Blog does NOT accept self-published books for reviews.

  • The Hip Librarians Book Blog does not guarantee a positive review, or any review, of materials sent.
  • Second opinions of books reviewed are encouraged.
  • Authors disagreeing with reviews are invited to respond in the comments field.
  • Reviewers are asked to evaluate materials in the following way:
    • Plot summary
    • Literary merit
    • Artistic merit, if applicable
    • Use in school or library setting
    • Optional: personal response

Review Ratings

Titles reviewed receive a rating of 1-5 stars, where 5=flawless and 1=highly flawed:

***** excellent; nearly flawless; a must-have for all libraries
**** very good; without serious flaws; highly recommended
*** average; some flaws; recommended as an optional purchase
** okay, major flaws; a very conditional purpose (recommended only if popular topic, genre, author, niche book)
* poorly executed; major flaws, major errors, misinformation; no mastery of subject

Please send ARCs or physical review copies to:

Beth Schreiber
305 Summer Street
Arlington, MA 02474

For digital review copies or inquires, please email