In Bird’s Eye by Gregory Der Bogosian

In Bird’s Eye by Gregory Der Bogosian

Der Bogosian, Gregory. In Bird’s Eye. AuthorHouse, 2004. ISBN 978-1410796271 120pp. $11.45


Books about writers trying to be writers are rarely engaging, and this is no exception. An aspiring writer named Bird travels on a backpacking journey after a mysterious life-altering event, reflecting on the milestones that brought him to where he is today. Much of the narrative is relayed in flashbacks as Bird tries to figure out people and their nature.

Part philosophy, part self-help, this novel is peppered with allusions, proverbs and bad poetry in a stream-of-consciousness format. Poor editing and mediocre writing distract from the lofty allegorical attempt that the plot, with some reworking, might eventually achieve. Not bad for a self-published book.

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